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$300 / Month - no commitment 

$275 / month - 3 month commitment 

$250 / month - 6 month commitment 

$225 / month - 1 year commitment 

1-day drop in = $30

1 week pass = $100

Our small group training utilizes our Personalized Assessment Process to help you hack your biggest issues.

 We have created a culture of extreme ownership. 

One in which you will be asked to do the hard things in your life and in the gym. 

Joining us for a year will transform your life.


Swedish, MFT, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai

$120 / Hour 


$1000 a month /with 1 year contract 

= 10 - 1 hour sessions per month


Get one on one attention from one of our great coaches!

This is not a traditional personal training service. 

You MUST be willing to commit to learning and growing. We will ask you to read books, study content, and do extra work. 

This involves our BP Assessment Process + access to all of our content

$120 / hour 

Nutrition coaching with the coach of a National Winner of Lifetime’s 60-Day weight loss challenge!

This includes:

 Bimonthly cooking classes 

2 - 30 min/ week consultations 

Text/Email support 

Detoxification Program 

Pantry organization 

Farmers Market tours

Cooking Classes 

$150 / Month 

Biweekly - :60-:90 classes

Learn basic culinary skills. 

Cook with whole ingredients. 

Biweekly cooking classes with a classically trained culinary arts graduate. 

Apply health understanding and classic cooking principles at the same time!

Cook from the comfort of your own home! Live or video follow along. 

Mise en place (recipe and required materials) sent out one week before. 

All on Zoom

 $300 / month - no commitment 

$275 / month - 6 month commitment 

$250 / month - 1 year commitment 


Water Polo Strong is Sacramento’s premier Water Polo Strength and Conditioning program. 

Champions do extra. 

Schedule does not conflict with club or team schedules. 


2 - 2 hour strength sessions/week 

Cooking classes (biweekly)

In water skills sessions

  • Metabolic Assessment VO2 Max or RMR

    $225 - at-home assessment 

    $125 - assessment at Breathe Performance 

    Both assessments = - $50 off total price

    VO2 Max Assessment

    Do you want to know how fit your cardio system is? 

    Do you want to know how to utilize your current strengths and abilities? 

    The VO2 Max Assessment uses gas analysis to understand how well your body is intaking, transporting, and utilizing oxygen and carbon dioxide to create energy. 

    We will learn many things, including; 

    Personalized heart rate zones, VO2 Max, breathing frequency and breath capacity. 

    Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (RMR)

    Do you know what fuel source (fats or carbs) you are using right now? Or at your natural resting state?

    Do you know the status of your metabolic health?

    Through gas analysis the RMR assessment gives us a window into how your nutrition, breathing, and lifestyle are affecting your metabolic systems. 

    Movement + Mobility Assessment 

    $150 / Per Assessment

    MWOD/The Ready State were created by DR. Kelly Starret. 

    FMS was created by DR. Gray Cook and Lee Burton. 

    These are the modalities we use at Breathe Performance. 

    Both assessments allow us to take a deep dive into what factors may be limiting your movement; neurological, structural, or autonomic.  

    In this one hour session we will break down how your body moves. Then establish a path towards better quality movement. 

    We encourage this assessment to be done in tandem with a breath assessment. 

    Breath Assessment   

    $150 / Per Assessment

    Our talented coaches will break down your breathing mechanics, clinical measures of breath (Spirometry + Other measures), and breathing capacity. 

    Using the Functional Breathing Screen as well as gas analysis. 

    This is ideal for those who are recovering from COVID, have asthma, or struggle with cardio. 

    We encourage this assessment to be done in tandem with a movement assessment. 


    Metabolic Analysis + Coaches Challenge Network                  

    $250 / Month

    Join our weekly coaches call where we help other coaches learn the science and art of metabolic assessment, kinesiology, and all things training.

Buy a PNOĒ metabolic analysis unit for your gym!

Normally $7,500

-10% Breathe Performance discount

- $750 

= $6,750 

+ Discounted membership to the Metabolic Analysis + Coaches Challenge Network

- $50 / month = $200 / month


Metabolic testing is the gold standard for internal body measures that impact health and fitness. It is used in hospitals, Olympic training facilities, and universities for weight loss.
vo2 max testing

VO2 Max Testing

What is a VO2 max test?

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Breathing assessment

RMR Test with Breathing Assessment

How do our breathing assessments work?

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Data sheets

Nutrition Coaching

Our team has years in specializing in utilizing nutrition to help you lose fat and build muscle.

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Ray steel mace

Movement Assessments

The body is made to move. Increased flexibility helps prevent most injuries.

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Pinoe metabolic testing

Metabolic Performance Assessment

Known affectionately in the athletic community as a V02-Max test. It is a bit of a misnomer. We actually use a V02 sub-maximal test. It is just short of the real thing (passing out). We get an accurate identification of your body’s limits and what happens along the way to that peak!
We utilize a ramp test protocol that increases the intensity of the test every minute on the minute leading to eventual exhaustion.
A low V02-max is indicative of being at high risk of heart failure. A high V02-max is utilized by high-performance athletes in many different disciplines. Increasing our V02-max could help us but is not necessarily the purpose of this test.
Many other insights are gleaned from this test such as metabolic efficiency as well as breathing efficiency, type 1 or type 2 muscle fiber percentages, even fat burning efficiency.
We can use this to understand what metabolic systems your current program is or isn’t working. Then make effective changes that utilize cardio programming, nutrition recommendations, and lifestyle suggestions.

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment

Known as an RMR, this measure tells us what your daily caloric needs for your vital biological functions is before factoring in your activity.
This number allows us to create a great estimate of your total daily expenditure.
No performance is necessary. This assessment providers diet and lifestyle recommendations only.
The easiest, least invasive, and time consuming of our assessments.
Lie on your back or in a chair for long enough to gather the data, somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes.
This assessment is used in all comprehensive assessment packages and can be utilized by ANYONE.
Fantastic for people unable to workout or looking to lose weight before starting on a fitness journey.

rmr test
Assessment with Pinoe

Full Metabolic Health Assessment

We pair our Metabolic Performance Assessment with the Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment. Doing so triangulates your position.
Having a vision of how much of the body’s engine is working and when we can be more precise with our recommendations.
This package is designed for anyone looking to get a complete picture of their metabolism.

The time to become a healthier you is today!

Let us help unlock your fat-burning potential with our team.