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The Founders

Breathe Performance is the brainchild of two very different athletes looking for a better way to monitor health and performance. We started Breathe Performance after seeing the effectiveness of breath analysis used for identifying the trajectory of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.
Using PNOĒs highly effective measuring tool and our expertise we seek to bring this world-class experience to you to improve health, longevity, and performance.
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Ramon Blankenship, Co-Founder

Ramon is a lifelong athlete, beginning with soccer in elementary school and playing competitively until he was a junior in high school. Wrestling was his favorite athletic endeavor while in school, and later utilizing his skill in wrestling during his short professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) career.
Getting into training others late in life, after having experienced top-flight coaching for much of his life, Ramon utilizes strength and conditioning, as well as basic nutrition principles and lifestyle changes, to maximize the body’s chance at adapting positively.
His main skill set as a trainer was primarily focused on mobility, stretching, bodyweight movement, and strength training, prior to developing his skill set in metabolic testing as a means for athletic development. He has worked as a metabolic technician at Lifetime, utilizing gas analysis to determine which nutritional and lifestyle skills to develop in the client. Ramon, along with his partner Brian Xicotencatl, helped lead that team to multiple national victories.
Combining all of these elements of training has lead to one of his clients winning a national weight-loss tournament against 20,000 competitors, and a burning desire to share his knowledge with others.
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Brian Xicotencatl, Co-Founder

Coach Brian Xicotencatl got his start in athletics as a water polo player in Sacramento, California, at Laguna Creek High School. He went on to play collegiate water polo, first at American River College, and then at Fresno Pacific University (FPU), and still plays competitively to this day. One day, during junior college polo at American River College, his coach pulled him aside and told him he was too out of shape and overweight to excel at water polo. Since that day, he has committed himself to never being the limiting factor in his life. He went on to change his weight from 265lbs to 175lbs.
While at FPU Brian was introduced to metabolic testing, conducting two separate studies utilizing a metabolic cart. In 2018, he was hired as the Metabolic Specialist at Lifetime Athletic where he ran the metabolic program of the fitness department. Coach X is a certified Strength and Conditioning coach who believes performance problems are health problems. He specializes in metabolic conditioning, sports performance, and recovery.

We started Breathe Performance to make weight loss and performance measurements more accessible and affordable.

We bring the metabolic testing, the gold standard of training, and weight loss assessments to you. We knew what it was like to perform our jobs as trainers and nutrition coaches with the highly accurate information provided through breath analysis from our time working at Lifetime as the leaders of their metabolic department.

We know how people respond to our prescribed strategies, which is why we knew we had to use this in our business.
Not wanting to be stuck in one section of the city and knowing the nature of these tests being one every 2-3 months, we came up with the idea of bringing it to every gym in Sacramento!

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V02 Max Test

We bring our Olympic-grade testing devices to your facility.

Combine that with our years of experience in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle change to bring a unique business into the Sacramento area and beyond.
We are Breathe Performance.

Want us to come to your facility?

Partnering with gyms and other facilities allows us to provide our service to more people in the area.