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It is our mission to create a community/culture of accountability and learning around health and performance using evidence-based practices, education, and through the application of kinesiology as well as other health sciences.


It is our duty to remind the world of the truths behind what it means to be human. To honor our nourishing traditions as we map out paths to human health and excellence through metabolic testing and applied kinesiology.


  1. Extreme Ownership 

  2. Naturalism 

  3. Health 

  4. Innovation 

  5. Data over everything 

What is Metabolic Testing?

Breathe Performance is Sacramento’s first mobile metabolic testing and wellness company. We specialize in analyzing and interpreting your metabolism using breath analysis with a gas analyzer. The gold standard in metabolic testing gives us the best opportunity to provide reliable lifestyle, nutrition, and cardiovascular training recommendations to create the changes you are working towards. No matter whether you are struggling to lose weight, want to improve your triathlon time, whether you are worried about aging, want a higher quality of life, or your workouts have plateaued, metabolic testing can point you towards your goals.

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Mobile Metabolic Testing.
Take The Guess Work Out of Health.

We started Breathe Performance to make weight loss and performance measurements more accessible and affordable. We bring metabolic testing, the gold standard of training, and weight loss assessments to you. 


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Our Core Values

  • Customer satisfaction is paramount
  • Client and owners have personal interactions
  • Foster community engagement
  • Continued education from top to bottom


In the last few months since I started working out weekly with Ray as my personal trainer, I have not only dropped just over 20 lbs, but I have increased my flexibility, improved my posture, and developed superior breathing techniques in addition to the weight loss. I am incredibly grateful to Ray for all of his help in assisting me towards achieving my fitness goals and I look forward to every session because they really are an amazing learning experience.

Michael Allen

My name is Joe I am owner operator of our flex fitness in El Dorado. I met Ray at 24 Hour Fitness over five years ago. He is an outstanding individual extremely knowledgeable. He has performed breath analysis on me and has and conclusively pointing out data that is definitely useful for me as an athlete. I am a competitive bodybuilder so I understand the importance of Carb and fat utilization to perform my work in and out of the gym. I highly recommend Ray.

Joe Todorvitis

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